How do Instagram reels work?

10 Ways to Use Instagram Reels to plug Your Brand

Like numerous other social media features, Reels provides a platform for brands to attach and have interaction with followers. However, it is often hard to push past the noise and consider video ideas that are faithful to your brand and interesting to followers.

If you’re looking to urge started with Instagram Reels, or want to place together a content calendar with ideas for Reels, keep reading. Below you’ll find ten ways to use these short videos to plug your brand and a few real examples that other brands have used. Use these as inspiration, but remember to remain faithful to your brand.

1. Tell Your Brand Story on Instagram Reels

What’s your “why”? Every brand has one, and telling that story may be a good way to attach together with your customer base meaningfully. Instagram Reels helps share your story in both fun and authentic ways.

When you’re sharing the background story about your brand, you would like it to be genuine, and not salesy. The integrations and video options make that easier.

With on-brand background music, Tailored Tulle used Instagram Reels to inform the story of their first year in business and highlight their deep gratitude for their customers.

The video comes off as authentic and warm, instead of boastful. Video may be a fun thanks to telling the story of their first year in business, instead of writing it all out.

2. Offer Exclusive Discount Codes to Reel Watchers

Here’s where things can get fun! Why not “reward” loyal followers and viewers with discounts and exclusive opportunities, and roll in the hay in a way that’s fun and engaging? this might be an excellent thanks to announcing a replacement product or sharing a seasonal sale to drive more customers who are wanting to patronize your store.

If you’ve got your brand Instagram account found out for Instagram shopping, you’ll also tag your products in your Instagram Reel. Get viewers excited about your product with an enticing video reel then offer a reduction they won’t want to miss out on and make the shopping seamless with the tag right there within the post.

Sephora used Instagram Reels to point out people the way to type during a promo code when shopping online to urge a bag of freebies.

3. Share Your Creative Process

People love getting a sneak peek of their favorite products and designers; it makes them desire a part of an elite. people that are new to your brand can get a deeper understanding of the trouble and time that goes into developing your product.

Whether you add a sneak peek to your editorial calendar, otherwise you turn the camera on when inspiration strikes, Reels are often a fun thanks to loop people in and help them feel better connected to your brand.

Soleil Furnishings creates custom furniture restorations, and they’ve used Instagram Reels to point out different parts of the creative process, from sanding to painting.

In blog posts or other longer-form content, these could seem dry or dull, but with a touch of background music and an on loop, a restoration update becomes a satisfying watch.

4. Offer Behind the Scenes Footage

Business life is quite the beautiful, well-planned square photos that refill our social media feeds. To develop a real relationship together with your followers, especially those truly invested in what you create, try Reels for behind-the-scenes footage.

Get real together with your followers. Pull back the curtain and welcome them into all the ups and downs of life in your business.

The Wishing Elephant posts many behind-the-scenes Reels where they share the truth of processing and shipping orders and therefore the chaos and joy that comes with owning a little business.

5. Introduce Your Team via Reels

The online world is often notoriously impersonal, so why not breathe some personality into your social media marketing? Use Reels to interview your teammates or allow them to pick a favorite song and showcase a hobby or interest they need outside the office.

Of course, you’ll want to run these things through your HR first, but again it’s an excellent thanks to breathing some life into your social media posts, especially if your industry tends to be more buttoned-up.

You can also use Reels to spotlight your brand, products, or services while introducing your team. The streaming app KidoodleTV shared staff picks Instagram Reels, asking staff members what they and their kids wish to watch on the app.

It let the brand highlight shows they provide while sharing a touch more about the people behind the app.

6. boast Your Products

Does your product have many features or options? Or does one make custom products for each customer? Reels can assist you to highlight what makes your products unique and highlight product details and uses.

William Sonoma uses Instagram Reels to showcase the products they provide in action so followers can see how their products might look on their Christmas table or serving up their favorite dish.

7. Announce Giveaways On Instagram Reels

If you’re using giveaways to beat up more followers or reward loyal customers, Instagram Reels can assist you to get the word out and building excitement. otherwise, you can do surprise giveaways.

Pretty by JL surprised a number of their shoppers with a free giveaway in recent orders, and they announced the winners in an Instagram Reel.

8. Educate Your Audience Through Reels

Instagram Reels offer you the prospect to teach followers, either about your brand or the values your brand stands for. In quick snippets, you’ll share the knowledge you’ll deem granted as an expert, but they’ll still be exploring. It’s an excellent thanks to being an industry advocate and teaching people.

For instance, here’s how Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds uses Instagram Reels to teach its audience about using plants for herbal medicine.

9. Provide a Product Demonstration on Instagram Reels

Whether your product is complicated and wishes a radical explanation, otherwise you want to point out cool features, these short videos are fun thanks to boasting about what makes your product great. you’ll get creative, silly, or truly off-the-wall. for instance, you’ll share special features or less obvious uses for your product.

Artists can leverage this by highlighting the detail that goes into what they create. In her Instagram Reels, Rachel Froud gives followers a view into how she paints her pieces.

10. Use Reels to Spread Some Happiness

When it involves social media marketing, we spend tons of your time brooding about the ROI, rock bottom line, and profit margins. But sometimes, social media offers a much bigger opportunity. With social media, we are welcomed into people’s lives and have the prospect to bring joy and lightweight.

Reels are not any exception. In fact, they will be the right thanks to bringing some joy and laughter. Keep it simple. boast something adorable or beautiful. Let your little corner of the web bring some brightness.

Here’s what America’s VetDogs shared in their Reels feed. It’s simple, just a touch sneak peek into their daily work. Nothing over the highest. They even used just their ground noise for audio, rather than looping during a fun song, although those choices would be endless.


Instagram Reels can breathe new life into your Instagram account and assist you to build your following.

Have fun creating short videos that incorporate catchy tunes, while sharing your brand story. It’s an excellent tool for experimenting and getting creative, so dive in and luxuriate.

The tips above provide an excellent starting line for increasing your search rankings! That said, there’s such a lot more you’ll do beyond these essentials to enhance your site’s performance even further. By partnering with an experienced SEO agency like Brandingsavior, you’ll cash in on those strategies more.



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