Easily promote your content for free in 8 ways!

As a piece of writing writer, you produce articles almost every day, and does one want your articles to be read by everyone in a short time? Then this content may be a reward for any writer who likes to write articles.

I have been writing articles on various platforms for years. except for the last 3 months, I even have been actively producing articles on Medium and Vocal. media. I lookout to forming the articles I produce original and unique.

When I wrote on Medium, only 351 people had read my articles in my first month. It’s great for the primary month, of course, but the reading time of the articles was short on my behalf of me. That’s why I started employing a method to market my articles for free of charge so as to extend reading times.

1. Facebook

Facebook is an important option for article writers. I’m sure many writers use Facebook to share their articles and gain an audience. Facebook in fact gives you traffic the higher way. But those that don’t use Facebook well complain that few people read their articles.

How do I exploit Facebook?

E.g; Let’s say I’m writing about paint.

The written article is typically thrown into groups for authors on Facebook. In fact, this is often a way that everybody has tried.

I also share the articles I wrote about paint to paint-related groups with a pleasant explanation. In this way, the important readership involves the content.

Note: I’m trying this method, but some groups might not accept it because I share a link. you’ll get simpler results if you explain it kindly rather than sharing an immediate link.

2. Quora

Quora is one of the world’s largest audience sites for asking questions, solving, and sharing content. I will be able to not enter details about Quadra but to find out other details, you’ll learn the small print during this content on ‘Medium Alternative Top 5 Websites That Make Money.

How do I exploit Quora?

Anyone can create their own group and subdomain. I feel this is often one of the features that create Quora unique. The content you create must be unique and original. Therefore, you’ll promote your article by creating replacement content in your own group and adding it as a source to the previous article you wrote.

Note: I apply this method and I have had success. However, this method may take time if you are doing not have an audience in your group.

3. Blogspot

It is one of the websites you’ll use to make and promote your own blog. Blogspot is one among the oldest sites for bloggers who maybe want to create links to their own posts.

How do I exploit Blogspot?

First of all, after creating content anywhere, I produce content that’s almost like the content I first created, but original, as in Quora. Then I add resources to the content I first produced. In this way, the user who reads on Blogspot can read your other link when he’s more curious.

Note: you’ll do that on many platforms. It should be noted that your articles don’t plagiarize. albeit this is often your own writing, you ought to not plagiarize.

4. Twitter

A lot of individuals on Twitter just post their posts and obtain upset because nobody reads their posts. the rationale for the sadness was that they said that he had fewer followers.

I want to think so too.

I follow trends on Twitter. once I found the tag associated with my content and shared my link, I got 3 thousand views on a primary day. and that I did it in only 3 hours. There really may be a pretty good audience on Twitter.

To do this, you would like two tools that are free on Twitter. one among them is Tweetdeck (to organize content faster), and therefore the other is analytics. Twitter (the tool you’ll use to ascertain what percentage of people read your post).

Note: I did these with 0 followers and I think anyone can roll in the hay too. you’ll just use tags that suit you to urge better engagement.

5. Steemit

It is a blockchain-based website where users share blog content and earn rewards (crypto) as a result. Now, I see that folks in Asian countries use it. There isn’t an enormous audience, but there are some good winners once you do some missions.

I haven’t been ready to earn on steemit yet. But I mostly use this place (for now) to market my content. On Steemit, the content must be original and unique. In this way, your content will appear in search engines.

How do I exploit Steemit?

I share my very own content on steemit the platform where I create my content. And I’m adding it as a source under the content. In this way, an individual who reads the content directs me to the article.

Note: there’s the concept of rank in Steemit. If your rank is low, the content doesn’t stand out much. But once you increase your rank, the content can reach more people. you’ll also examine the groups on steemit to extend the rank.

6. Reddit

I think there’s nobody who doesn’t know Reddit. But to elucidate briefly; Social media structure like Facebook is one among the social media platforms with the most important audience in the world. It’s very easy to seek out entertainment, information, mystery, or any news on Reddit, there are numerous resources for that.

While using Reddit, the content I usually shared was deleted. which made me very sad. once you check out it, he was complaining that he couldn’t share his content on many Reddit.

So how do I exploit Reddit?

You can write a title and outline and add resources to the groups on Reddit (which should be associated with your content). Resources shouldn’t appear as spam. Otherwise, Reddit bots can block you.

For those that will do that for the primary time; keep trying until you’re good, and you’ll eventually succeed.

Note: Although I wrote an outline, most of the content was deleted thanks to Reddit bots. I assume it had been because I’m a replacement member. Since I shared it from time to time, the content wasn’t deleted. In short, it might be better for you to upload once each day to avoid getting caught by bots.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest may be a good source of backlinks for SEO work and to maneuver your content to the highest. There are many of us who get traffic to content in this manner.

So how do I exploit Pinterest?

I pin and share the content I created on the board I created myself. In this way, a number of my audience comes from Pinterest because Google carries the content higher.

Note: Having followers is important for Pinterest traffic. Otherwise, fewer users will visit your content. But daily content sharing without hesitation will take you to the highest of Google. That’s why you’ve got to stay going without abandoning.

8. Youtube

I don’t think I want to mention that YouTube is one of the foremost visited sites in the world. Even now, many people are watching or uploading various videos on youtube. That’s why there’s a pleasant crowd expecting us there.

So how do I drive traffic to my content with no youtube videos?

E.g; I created content about cars. and therefore the content I create should be readable, top quality, and crowd-pleasing.

First of all, I find the relevant video and write a comment within the comment section to support and suggest to the channel owner about the video. Thus, the comment is neither perceived as spam nor deleted. this is often how I exploit it on youtube together with the opposite resources.

Note: don’t just share links within the comment section or stand back from trap words like click. Otherwise, your comment could also be deleted by youtube or reported by the channel owner. Sentences written with gorgeous expressions are going to be permanent.

The tips above provide an excellent starting line for increasing your search rankings! That said, there’s such a lot more you’ll do beyond these essentials to enhance your site’s performance even further. By partnering with an experienced SEO agency like Brandingsavior, you’ll cash in on those strategies more.



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